Rev. Gerald R. Rippon, S.J. Invitational Tournament

Before I get to the invitation, as many of you know Regis High School does a great job of hosting many of our tournaments throughout the school year.  They also do a fantastic job of supplying plenty of food for the judges (at no small cost), if you or your school wishes to make a donation to offset the costs of the food, there is a form located HERE.  Simply print it out and give it to Mr. Franz during the course of the tournament.


Dear Moderator,


Happy New Year!  Here is your invitation to the first NYCFL contest of the New Year, the Rev. Gerald R. Rippon, S.J. Invitational Tournament.  This contest will be co-hosted by Regis High School and Loyola School on Saturday, January 13, 2018.


Please arrive at Regis (East 85th Street between Madison and Park Aves.).


Registration will be held from 9:00 - 9:30.  Congress will begin promptly at 9:30


This tournament is OPEN only to NYCFL Schools.



J.V. Extemp (frosh/soph only)

Vars. Extemp

Original Oratory

J.V. Oral Interpretation of Prose /Poetry (frosh/soph only)

Vars. Oral Interpretation of Prose/Poetry

Duo Interpretation of Literature – Memorized


Dramatic Performance

Congress (Must Have Submitted Legislation)


The contest will consist of three preliminary rounds and a final round of 8 speakers

(Two final rounds of 6 each in any event where the registration exceeds 64 students)

In Student Congress, there will be two preliminary sessions and a final session.


Please Note:

Oral Interp contestants must be prepared for BOTH Prose and Poetry programs at this contest

Duo’s must be memorized – multiple characters are allowed

Note Cards May Be Used in JV Extemp

Legislation Must Be Submitted By – Thurssday, January 4th to


REGISTRATION: 9:00-9:30 on Saturday morning at Regis.




1) Registration may be entered on  Please select NYCFL – Rippon under the NYCFL league.

2) Please email with the number of observer judges (if any)


JUDGING REQUIREMENTS: ONE qualified judge for every FIVE entries or fraction thereof.

A judge is qualified to judge at this tournament under NYCFL rules

If he or she is a college freshman or older;


is the coach of a program, OR has judged before, OR participated in forensics as a student.


Judges who are not qualified under these rules must attend one contest as an observer judge, and be registered with the Executive Committee as such.  Observer judges do not count toward the quota of judges you must provide.


Observer judges must arrive at the tournament with a copy of the League’s judging handbook and should have read it beforehand. If you need another copy of the handbook, let me know.


*** PLEASE NOTE: ***





A Copy of the Judges Manual is available - HERE


*** Schools Competing in Congress – Must Provide one Congress Judge ***


FEES: $5.00 per speaker from a member school. Non-member school registrations cannot be accepted.

(each Duo team counts as TWO speakers for fee calculations).


AWARDS: Trophies awarded to 8 finalists in each event. Team trophies awarded to the top 7 schools based on each school’s

Top 2 (Extemp, OO, and Congress)

Top 2 (OI and Duo)

Top 2 entries in (DP and Dec)


LUNCH: Regis will provide lunch for all judges. Students should bring lunch or be prepared to buy at a local deli or fast food restaurant.


DROPS/ADDS: Text or Call me at (914) 649-8246 with drops right up to registration – Better yet: Make them directly on TABROOM.



Drops after the registration deadline of 9 PM on WEDNESDAY do not alter your judging quota.

Registration fees for drops on the morning of the contest must still be paid.

There are NO ADDS after the pre-registration deadline has passed.


I look forward to seeing you on the 13th!  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.




Charles J. Sloat

Director, NYCFL